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River Valley Testimonials

How Hypnotherapy Benefited My Life**

The reason why I came to River Valley, initially, was I wanted help with my weight loss. That has been a huge success...

My Hypnotherapy Experience**

I would like to thank Jessica at River Valley Hypnotherapy to make it affordable to quit smoking…

I am a client of Jessica's and had great results with her therapy for manifesting. She has a God given talent and I would recommend her work to others interested in hypnotherapy.
- Ron**
I would recommend Jessica Hixson to my closest and most cherished family and friends because I know that not only would they be taken care of by an amazing woman who is absolutely astounding at what she does, but their lives would be truly enriched. I was very skeptical when my doctor referred me to Jessica because I really didn’t think hypnotherapy would work for me. I wasn’t afraid of it, I just didn’t want to waste my money if it wasn’t going to work. I can tell you now that the time and money spent with Jessica was more than worth it. I’m unstuck!! I was depressed and I didn’t know why. The hour talking to Jessica before she starts the hypnotherapy is the beginning of the healing. In only 12 weeks I was feeling like the fog was lifting and I was getting my life back. I can’t thank her enough, she’s has a real gift and she’s eager to share it, thank goodness!!
- Maggie Bell**
Loved working with Jessica... would highly recommend River Valley Hypnotherapy. She helped me get better sleep and have more patience with my children. Thanks Jessica!
- Robin Cabrini**
I wanted to say thank you for the hypnotherapy session we had several years ago for my nail biting habit. It was an ugly habit that always left me feeling embarrassed of my hands, especially during work meetings. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy and unsure of the process, especially as I was aware of you speaking during the entire session. However, it worked in a magical way, I simply woke up and was no longer a nail biter. I had one slip during a time of extreme stress. But I am more aware of it and know that I can simply return to you for a tune-up. Thank you,
- Lovely Hands In Boise**
After just a few sessions with Jessica she already seems like an old friend to me. I have gone into a session worried I would have nothing to share or say, but in a very comfortable and secure way Jessica has helped me to uncover things about myself I was unaware of. With Jessica's help I am eating healthier and have learned about several unhealthy choices that we should all avoid.
- Tim**
Wonderful Results for me! I highly recommend Jessica on your journey!!
- Heather Scott**
I shot the best round of my life in September. A 1 under par 71. Thanks for being a big part of helping me turn my life around last year. Wishing you continued successes.
- Rob**