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Pain Management & Migraines

At River Valley Hypnotherapy, we know that constant and severe pain affects every aspect of your life.

When you suffer from pain or from migraines, those around suffer as well. Your work, leisure, family, friends and hobbies all take a back seat to the constant nagging frustration that pain can cause. We can put you back into the driver’s seat and restore balance, peace and happiness in your life.

Clinical studies have shown time and again that hypnosis really does work to soothe chronic pain and migraines. If you have tried many different medications and techniques without success, then I invite you to give hypnosis a try.

Even if you have been in pain for a long time or have very severe pain, hypnosis may help you find relief. Please call for a free consultation 921-2887 or click here to email.

Read more about how hypnosis can reduce pain and help with migraines at webMD®!

* Hypnosis is not a cure for any medical condition. Many medical conditions are improved from reducing stress with hypnotherapy when conducted in conjunction with medical and/or clinical treatment. Some medial conditions require a referral from a physician. River Valley Hypnotherapy works closely with many physicians and nurse practitioners throughout the Treasure Valley.