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Weight Loss

Lose weight now with a weight loss hypnotherapy program tailored specifically for you. With River Valley Hypnotherapy, you will change how you look, but more importantly you will change how you see yourself. When you look in the mirror you will see a strong, healthy, fit, person.

If you have tried to lose weight in the past, you know that diets don’t work. The reason they don’t work is because you have not worked with the internal beliefs about yourself that keep you overweight. Hypnotherapy works by changing you from the inside out.

When you’re dieting, your subconscious is still telling your body the same old messages: that “you are overweight”, that “there is something wrong with you”, and that “because of the way you look, you do not deserve health and happiness”. Hypnosis goes to the source, where these old messages are stored and changes them to positive thoughts that will change your behaviors.

During this program you will begin to believe that “you are strong, healthy and continually getting more fit”, and that “you deserve your new life as a lean and strong person”. When you truly believe these things, and hypnotherapy will help you believe, your actions and behaviors will follow, your metabolism will respond accordingly and the pounds will easily melt away.You will stay focused on who you are becoming, not all the reason you need to lose weight. This is the key to success. Change your inner beliefs, so that your thoughts stay on the positive changes you are making and your new behaviors of healthy eating and an active life style become natural and automatic.

Your weight loss program will be tailored specifically for you. Some Hypnotists and national chains offer cookie cutter programs that treat every person the same. We all have different experiences that taught us how to eat and how we view our bodies. We all have different reason why we over eat. And, you want to deal with your reasons in a way that is tailored just for you.With hypnotherapy you will discover the real reasons why you over eat. Your relationship with food will be changed, and you will you find a strength you never knew you had.

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